1. What is Brandzooka?
Brandzooka is an easy-to-use, self-service video advertising platform. You can launch your video ad campaign with Brandzooka to get it seen by just the right people as an advertisement on websites all over the internet and around the world. We offer industry-leading targeting and placement with a minimum budget of just $5.
2. How does it work? What’s the process?
You simply create an account, upload a video, put in your targeting information, campaign goal, and a budget. Hit launch and in 2 - 24 hours Brandzooka will start distributing your video out to your target audience wherever they are online. Real-time analytics will populate in the Dashboard, so you track performance and learn from past campaigns.
3. What countries can I run my Brandzooka campaign in?
All of them. Well, not quite all of them, not yet. But we do run ads in hundreds of countries around the world. If you’re reading this, then yours is probably one of them.
4. What is programmatic advertising? Who’s using it?
Programmatic advertising is the smartest way to run video ads on the web. It’s a system for targeting very specific audiences, based on anonymous data, and bidding on ad spots right in front of them as they browse the web. Brandzooka lets you tap into a massive network of partners to access millions of websites, and bid on ad spots in real-time, the moment they become available in your target audience. It’s the same technology major advertising companies use every day, made simple enough for the rest of us to tap into it.
5. How much does it cost to use Brandzooka?
We’re proud of our pricing structure. Here’s a few of the best things about it:
  • No upfront fees
  • No contracts, agreements, subscription fees, monthly fees, or other stupid fees
  • No hidden costs
On Brandzooka, you set your own budget, with a minimum of $5. There are two costs associated with running Brandzooka Ads: the audience targeting (known as targeting costs) and purchasing the ad placements (known as placement costs).

Visit our pricing page at brandzooka.com/pricing to learn more.
6. Will my Youtube and Vimeo views go up?
Brandzooka gets your video in front of your target audience by taking it outside of YouTube and Vimeo. How? We upgrade your video into an IAB formated video ad and run it on millions of sites like The New York Times, CNN, ESPN, Huffington Post and others. All Brandzooka Ads are clickable, so you can direct people who click on your ad back to your channel or video. While your YouTube or Vimeo count will not increase, your Brandzooka video ad will be seen by thousands in your target audience all across the web. You can track those views on Brandzooka in the Dashboard.
7. What’s the best way to use Brandzooka’s targeting?
The “Who’s your audience?” section of the Campaign Builder gives you an opportunity to tell Brandzooka exactly who to target for your campaign. Pick 3 to 6 of these useful qualities (demographics, interests, past purchases, etc.) to identify the perfect audience for your video content. Search our Help Center for a the Brandzooka Targeting Guide, a two-minute guide on building better target audiences for your Brandzooka campaigns.
8. Can I see examples of videos that ran through Brandzooka?
Check out the Brandzooka blog! It features amazing videos and marketing strategies in our Brandzooka Campaign of the Week series. We love highlighting successful campaigns our users have launched and explaining how they performed so well.