Transparency is your Right

Assurance + Certification

Our Commitment

Brandzooka was built on a simple premise, by some of the world’s best and most reknowned advertising and media executives who were frustrated with the state of digital advertising. We built Brandzooka to enable everyone to access and transact on programmatic advertising regardless of size and budget. As a technology platform it is our belief that transparency is your right. This means that unlike black box solutions, we use the best third party platforms to certify your campaign metrics and give you access to the entirety of your campaign data via simple downloadable report. Because it’s time you get what you paid for.
Shield of Certification


Brandzooka leverages the full power of industry leading certification platforms like Moat and Nielsen to measure ad effectiveness, content engagement and attention metrics including MRC Accredited Viewability. As the leading performance and SaaS based self-service programmatic platform on the market we are obsessive about delivering results and visibility to our advertisers.
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When you run a campaign online it is your expectation to gain credible and tangible ROI’s. Most platforms only provide top line performance numbers that are hard to attribute and often meaningless. It is our commitment to our users that they own the data for the campaigns they paid for. That is why along with our real time analytics, we actually make a full data download available with the click of a button.

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